Important note on the COVID19 Protocol

At Cook & Taste we have always been scrupulously rigorous with hygiene and safety. And now that the global context requires it, we’ve revised our internal procedures to accommodate the new situation.

We have taken very seriously the design and implementation of protocols that capture the new circumstances and, of course, the guidelines and regulations established by the respective local and national authorities.

These regulations are changing according to the context, so Cook & Taste is committed to adapting these protocols accordingly.

To date, a summary of the measures taken would be:

In general

Training of the entire Cook & Taste team regarding the established protocol prior to reopening

Reinforcement of the measures of daily cleaning and disinfection of the facilities, with special attention to the critical points (locks and handles, switches, POS, etc)

Ventilation of the facilities twice a day (8:30 am to 9:00 am and 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm)

Vendor schedule regulation and order access control

In relation to the workshops

Reduction of capacity per session to a maximum of 6 participants per kitchen

Both the Cook&Taste team and clients will wash their hands thoroughly and often

Mandatory use of protective masks, both by the Cook & Taste team and by participants.

Adaptation of the dynamics of the workshop so that the distance between participants is the one established in the regulations at any given time and there are no cross-manipulations

Deletion of rations to share

Upon arrival, customers will be informed about the organizational and hygiene measures and their mandatory compliance. Cook & Taste reserves the right of admission if any of the participants does not agree to respect these measures.