Hands-On Cooking Classes & Gourmet Market Optional Tour

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Cook the most traditional Spanish recipes with our team of professional, local chefs.

Our enthusiastic chefs will lead you through the elaboration of a 4-course Spanish meal, which you will cook while exchanging experiences with your small group classmates from all over the globe, sharing laughter, wine and local food to nibble on throughout the cooking lesson. To end the experience you will be eating the menu you prepared complemented with great local wines.

Your menu will consist of two tapas (which will vary upon the season to ensure the freshest and flavorful results), plus Paella as a main dish (either seafood, vegetarian or chicken, depending on the day of the week and dietary needs within participants), and will finish with a traditional Spanish dessert. Of course, you’ll be handed a set of printed recipes so you may to take all the notes you want on!

Our half-day hands-on cooking classes are guided in English by our local, trained chefs, who will engage you in a true Spanish gastronomic adventure, sharing with you all their knowledge and personal experiences, as well as cooking tips and techniques.

Take your vacation to an upper level and engage yourself with a real Spanish culinary experience in the very heart of the old city of Barcelona.

At Cook&Taste we believe that food is the mirror of local culture, history and traditions. And we will be delighted to share it all with you while cooking an authentic Spanish menu. Treat yourself with a unique epicurean experience!

Join us for an educational, interactive and delicious cooking lesson and take with you the tastes of Spain, so back home you may impress your guests with your new recipes.

We’ll be happy to accommodate any dietary restriction you may advise in advance (vegetarian and vegan options are also available after request).

Upgrade your experience with an optional gourmet visit to a local market

The secret to elaborate a successful meal starts with the purchase of the basic products, which we are well sourced with in our fantastic local markets. Barcelona’s food markets are an essential element of the city’s life. Each neighborhood boasts its own, usually located within remarkable late 19th century buildings, which gather the commercial life of each area. And Cook&Taste is conveniently located in between two of the most amazing ones of Barcelona, the Boqueria Market and Santa Caterina one.

The Boqueria Market, built in 1836, is definitively one of the milestones of Barcelona. It has been rated as one of the best markets in the world, with more than 200 vendors, providing locals with the best and finest local and import produce. And the gorgeous and modern Mercat de Santa Caterina, built on the remains of the convent after which it is named (you can visit the remains of the convent in the back of the Market) is certainly a must visit if you’re serious foodie and an architecture lover.

Take the chance of visiting one of the above markets (depending on the session) led by one of our local professional chefs in our team. They will guide you through it, unveiling the secrets to purchase the freshest and most seasonal produce. Hopping from stall to stall, selecting some of the ingredients you will need for the cooking, interacting with the vendors and the busy and bustling market life that will imprint in your memories along with all the spices and colors of the best produce in the world

Cook & Taste is strongly committed and engaged to farm to table sustainability, which not only is a source of fresh flavors that require no preservatives (resulting in high nutritional benefits), but also supports local economy. The farm to table commitment has important beneficial impacts in the environment, and implies a huge ethical responsibility, engaging and encouraging local farmers to adopt and continue sustainable practices.

*The market tour is only available for clients who signed up for the cooking session, in no case could it be booked independently.

* The visit to the market is only available from Tuesday to Saturday in the morning slot, and also on the Friday evening session.


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Boqueria Market
Gourmet Tour

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per person (50% Children)

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Join Cook&Taste’s unique cooking classes in Barcelona and discover the secrets of our traditional cuisine.

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