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If you walk down the sidewalk in Barceloneta you often find yourself being petitioned by restaurant hosts beckoning you into their establishment. Don’t take the bait!  The best restaurants in Barcelona don’t have to make noise to get people through their doors.  Word of mouth is the best form of advertising.  If you’re looking for a restaurant off the beaten-tourist path, take a look at Taktika Berri.  Taktika is a well-priced and popular tapas bar to those who know Barcelona.


It is best to arrive when Taktika opens at 8:30 or even earlier, as there is almost always a line out the door.  Many reviewers online recommend the fish and omelets, as they are lesser-known, but delicious menu items.  The real stars of the show here; however, are the tapas.  You can take the cold tapas right at the bar and roughly every 15 minutes a waiter will come out with hot tapas.  Don’t fill up on the cold tapas as some of the more delicious and savory are not to be missed.  The tapas run around 1.5 Euros apiece so you could expect to get a decent meal of 10 or 11 tapas for around 15 Euros.  Your final bill is tallied by counting the number of toothpicks used.   The crowd inside the restaurant can get rowdy so don’t be afraid to be assertive to get your tapas.  No need to throw elbows!   Just be confident so you can serve yourself.

The unique facet of Taktika Berri is without a doubt the atmosphere.  The high stool and standing style of eating is a different, more social way to experience a native dish like tapas.  That is after all the intention of tapas, to eat and socialize with those around you to create a communal dining experience.  Taktika Berri allows you to enjoy this true essence of Spanish tapas, the original fast food.  Take this opportunity to enjoy this hallmark Spanish dish in its original and pure form.

Price:  $$


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