Virtual Experiences

Seize the new opportunities technology offers to flavor a genuine Spanish culinary experience from your own kitchen at home

Cook&Taste - Virtual Online Cooking Classes

You don’t need to travel far anymore to enjoy Cook&Taste services!

You can seize the new opportunities technology offers to flavor a genuine Spanish culinary experience from your own kitchen at home.

Whether you are a group of friends, a family party, just a couple or a corporate group, Cook&Taste’s virtual culinary experiences are a fun way of cooking in the comfort of your own kitchen.

These sessions are interactive and usually focus on the preparation of 3 recipes from our Spanish traditional cuisine. Menus will be agreed upfront, so we can send you a list of the ingredients and cooking utensils you need beforehand. That way you can all be ready to go at the moment we connect through!



Join your family, friends or co-workers from all over the world and enjoy a true Spanish cooking class at your own kitchen

A long background in culinary services

We boast a track record of over 15 years and we still feel the same excitement the first day!

Commitment, authenticity, impeccable service and a customer-oriented approach are items we take very seriously. We speak your language, we are flexible and will assist you in the whole booking process with the utmost transparency.

After all these years, the warm feedback we’ve got from our clients encourages us to improve our services every day!

A unique venue

We put our 3 spacious and beautiful kitchens at your disposal. Our modern, warm and well-equipped spaces will enable you to savor the pleasures of our gastronomy and make you feel at home, whether it is a small group or a 60 people team. The venue is very conveniently located in the historical center of Barcelona, next to 2 of the most famous markets in the city, the Boqueria Market and Sta. Caterina one.

Local, English speaking, professional chefs

Our team of local, professional, multilingual (Catalan, Spanish and English) chefs, are our treasure and our best references. They are enthusiastic about their profession and they’re very good at transmitting their energy through the cooking classes. Their extensive experience both in the kitchen as in training, their deep knowledge on local gastronomy and their passion are, indeed, our best guarantee.

The best produce

Quality begins with the produce. We select all our goodies very carefully, from vegetables to fish, meat.

We operate on a philosophy based on seasonal, local and respect for the environment. We rely on a family run businesses network for all our sourcing, we minimize the use of plastic in our supplies and we work towards the goal of zero waste.