Cod has always been one of the signs of identity of the city’s cuisine. The Catalan writer Josep Pla stated that cod was excepcional in Barcelona. He attributed this to the skill of the shopkeepers in desalting and preparing it.

For centuries, it was a staple food and one that came to be closely linked to Catholic traditions such as Lent and vigils.

Salt cod is an amazingly versatile food. It features largely in the latest auteur cuisine as well as in popular regional dishes. Most famous Catalan cod dishes are:

-esqueixada (a salad of salt cod marinated with onion, tomatoes, peppers and olives)

-bacallà a la llauna (with pimentón – a Spanish type of paprika, garlic and white wine),

– bacallà amb samfaina (a tomato, pepper and eggplant salad). You can try amazing recipes with cod in the best restaurants of the city.

Until April 6th most restaurants of the city give you the opportunity to try their best recipes with cod. You can find more information in La ruta del bacallà.

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Next Monday morning we’re cooking an special menu focussed on cod. Join us to cook salted cod fritters and learn some tips more about cod!!!




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