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A pan with two handles

2015-05-05 15.14.20The traditional paella pan is made from polished carbon steel. The bottom of the paella pan is not flat but slightly concave, and marked all over its surface with tiny, shallow dimples, which help to maintain the curve of the metal bottom.

The metal used for the paella pan is always thin because it must transmit heat immediately and also cool quickly when the heat source is turned off. Heat control is very important when making paella!

On of the advantages of polished, carbon steel paella pans is that they develop a patina through being used time after time. This patina is caused by oxidation and is the result of a reaction with ingredients such as artichokes turning the rice a dark, greenish-grey colour and giving it a slightly metallic taste, which is appreciated by connoisseurs of paella.

The diameter of the utensil depends on how many people are to be served. Individual paella pans don’t exist!


pimentónThis bright red spice is often called ‘Spanish paprika’.  Apart from its aromatic and colouring properties, paprika acts as a natural preservative. Depending on the variety and the amount of peppers used, paprika can be more or less smoked, spicy, sweet or acidulated. We use ‘pimentón de la Vera’ an sweet, smoked paprika.






safronSaffron, which originates in the western Mediterranean (probably in Crete), is the world’s most valuable spice by weight.

We prefer saffron to substitutes like coloured powders because of its unique aroma. We use saffron from La Mancha.





arròsRice is not an accompaniment to paella: it is the dish itself!

We like Arròs Rodó de Pals, from the beautiful Empordà village, Pals. This variety is extraordinary to prepare paellas and other irce dishes. The cooking time is between about 18 and 20 minutes.





Traditional Catalan fabric cloth

coberta amb drapAnd last but not least, when the rice is almost cooked, cover the entire surface of the paella with a clean, damp dish towel and prolong the cooking time by 2 minutes.






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