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Share with your grandchild a hobby you love and make their trip with you a memory that will last a lifetime.

Our cooking experience provides a funny framework for bonding and generates a meaningful time together. Moreover, cooking a traditional Catalan menu is a great opportunity to taste a bit of Mediterranean diet and promote healthy habits!


We start with a Boqueria market tour to buy the food for the later family feast. The market is an ideal spot for hands-on learning. The Boqueria market is full of opportunities to learn about a wide variety of new foods in a variety of ways.  Needless to say, it is also an amazing place to work with kids on their reading, their math, and their manners.


Your grandchildren will be amazed at the variety of foods found and it is likely they will find something that is not typically found in the supermarket. 

mercat tonyina



Back to our facilities, the chef will lead you step by step into the recipes agreed. We love the focus on healthy recipes for children and young people as a way to teach them healthy habits. It encourages a positive relationship with food by focusing on what they should be eating.

Let their creativity come through!  And after all, a fantastic meal consisting in the prepared recipes will be waiting for you!!! 

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Cooking with your grandchildren can be a challenge, but so rewarding!