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“Es tiempo de descubrir nuevos caminos” was one of the most famous phrases of Eduardo Chillida . And we’d like to suggest following his advice and going to La Rioja, one of the most important wine regions in Spain to enjoy Eduardo Chillida sculptures in a centenary winery.

“El viento que no vemos (The wind we can’t see)” is the title of the Eduardo Chillida exhibition that will be held in the CVNE winery  from April until September.

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Chillida, one of the international reference points in 20th century Spanish art, began studying architecture in Madrid, which he abandoned after a few years and started drawing in the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid as well as focussing on his sculptures – characterised by their integration in open spaces, thus becoming part of them. Throughout his life, Chillida participated in hundreds of exhibition around the world and received countless awards, for instance the Principe de Asturias in 1987 and the Imperial Prize of Japan in 1991. Furthermore, he was also named honorary member of the Academy of Arts in Madrid, Boston and New York. Chillida’s work is shrouded in mystery, with figurations of space and time, astonishment and the open-ended questions. His empty spaces possess multiple vibrations, silent worlds full of melodies and ideas where forms overlook limits and are propelled towards the invisible.