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This is perhaps the most beloved Catalan sausage of all -the one you grilled with white beans or wild mushrooms, crumbled up in stuffings, etc. It’s simply a white pork sausage, medium-coarse in texture and usually seasoned only with salt and pepper.

3 botifarres petit


There are some many kinds of botifarra, such as black, sweet, with egg traditionally eaten on Carnival or “botifarra del perol”, pork sausage typical of Girona area, made with meat, bacon, head, blood, pepper and salt. We love use this last botifarra to make an omelette.


Ingredients (serves 4)

  • 8 free-range eggs
  • a bunch
  • 250 g cooked beans
  • 2 botifarres del perol
  • olive oil, salt

2016-02-04 12.44.06

mongetes de sta pau


Add a splash of oil to a frying pan and lightly fry cooked beans for a few minutes. Add the spinach.

Remove skin and add botifarres de perol, crumble well.

Add beaten eggs with a pinch of salt and make a round omelette, brown on both sides.

truita espinacs

Serve while hot with a fresh loaf of peasant bread.

This omelette is also delicious adding chopped garlic and parsley to make it much more refreshing.