A quiet lunch spot is a great thing to have in Barcelona. With so many tapas bars and restaurants crowding the streets, anyone can become overwhelmed.  Luckily you have found a culinary oasis in Bar del Pla.  Serving up some of the best tapas in Barcelona, Bar del Pla can show you what a great meal tastes like.  The food items are pricier than some tapas bars but are well worth it.  In spite of the more premium prices, the ambiance is tranquil and laid back.  The facade projects a humble appearance with an inviting interior.  The ceiling and bar are tiled giving the space a palpable tapas vibe.  Behind the bar you will see the hallmarks of a quality establishment:  a dedicated espresso maker, dangling cloves of garlic, and a plethora of wines and liquors adorning the shelves.

You should start by ordering the pan con tomate served up fresh.  This bread starter is a great accompaniment to any tapas you may order.  Moving onto the main courses you can order the patatas bravas which are served piping hot.  The potatoes come topped with an aioli and spicy sauce.  Additionally, the tuna tartare (pictured above) is not to be missed.  It is a difficult dish to master since serving uncooked fish is a bit of an art, but at Bar del Pla they are masters.  The tuna comes garnished with greens and is served with toasted bread for a do-it-yourself tapa.  The tuna is unbelievably tender and is complimented with soy sauce to bring out the flavor of the fish.  The presentation is clean with tasteful plating.  Whether you order seafood or a dessert it is sure to be beautifully garnished.

For dessert the Crema Catalana is torched fresh in the kitchen giving it a delicious, caramelized crust.  The cheesecake comes topped with crumbled sugar and a raspberry sauce.  The flavor is rich but not overbearing, with a firm texture that is unique to this dessert.  The lightness of the raspberry sauce cuts nicely against the density of the cheesecake.

Photo Credit: Tom Quinlan

Price: $$$

Bar del Pla

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