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Ten’s Barcelona appeal for many people lays in the fact that is located in the Born district away from the major streets and crowds of the city.  If you are looking to avoid the usual tapas bars that advertise with large, tacky plastic signs out front, this is the place for you.  It can occasionally prove difficult to find unique tapas within the sprawling streets of Barcelona.  It may feel sometimes as if the some of the tapas served in Barcelona are too formulaic and predictable.  Ten’s seeks to break the monotony of culinary whitewash.  The restaurant specializes in tapas, offering modern twists on the classic Spanish dish.  It’s a gastronomic escape, for the road-weary traveler.

The colors inside feel bright and energetic with white counter and table tops.  The furniture and architecture are simplistic yet refined.  In spite of the upscale interior, the ambiance feels organic and relaxing.  The restaurant seeks to infuse modernity with tradition, serving contemporary food in generous portions at a fair price.

Ten's Barcelona Interior

You will be excited to know you are in the company of a world-class chef with Jordi Cruz.  This Catalan chef became the second youngest person in the world to earn a Michelin star at the tender age of 24. He has also one of the most prestigious restaurants in the city, the 2-Michelin star Àbac.   With Barcelona being such a mecca for tourists, it’s easy for the essence of certain cultural staples such as tapas to be lost.  Chef Cruz and his team balances a contemporization of the tapas with a respect for the tradition of the dish.

The energy of the youthful chef is evident in the tapas served at Ten’s.  This eatery offers a more daring gastronomic experience for those willing to take a chance on new flavors.  For the less adventurous, it’s tough to go wrong with the classics done up right at Ten’s such as the “patatas bravas” and the “calamares a la andaluza” , both with a chef’s twist.

When it is all said and done 10’s Barcelona has something for everyone.  It offers all the mainstays of Spanish cuisine yet contemporizes the dishes that everyone knows, leading to unexpected flavors and experiences.  The atmosphere is upscale yet not pretentious and the portions offered are fairly priced.  Make the time to stop into Ten’s and experience a decidedly unique Spanish meal.

Price:  $$$